Tesla crashed into each other

Because both drivers wanted to avoid the same side of the road, on Friday a VW and a Tesla crashed into each other.

Two people were injured.

When trying to avoid an accident, hats on Friday night at Berschis SG really popped.

Two cars crashed into each other head-on.

 Shortly after 20 clock is a 53-year-old driver in a Tesla on the Sarganserstrasse direction Sargans on the way.
 While driving, she gets distracted for a moment and loses sight of the road.
 Your car gets thereby more and more on the other side of the road.

At the height of the Berschis exit, she meets a 42-year-old man in a VW on the opposite lane.

Fatal evasion maneuver

As both drivers notice the imminent crash, both steer back to the other lane.

Through the maneuvers of the two drivers, however, the cars come again on the same side of the road and finally crash frontally into each other.

Due to the violent impact both cars are pressed scrap scrap.

The two persons can, however, free themselves from the wrecks.

While the woman is subsequently taken to the hospital by ambulance, the man must be taken away with the Rega.

According to St. Gallen police, the damage to the vehicles amounts to more than a hundred thousand francs. (Cat)

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